Company Overview

William E. Jacobs, President

Florida R&D, Inc.
429 Carriage Road
Satellite Beach, Florida  32937
Voice: +1 (321) 951-3567
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Florida R&D, Inc. is an embedded firmware and system engineering company that was first incorporated in 1992.  We specialize in embedded systems in the datacomm, telephony, fax, LAN, PAN, 802.15.4, arenas  –  either as new products or as enhancements to existing product lines.  We provide our clients with complete firmware and system product designs, or join the clients design team as needed.  Florida R&D serves both USA and international clients.

Florida R&D is located in the Melbourne, Florida area.  Florida R&D maintains state-of-the-art development capabilities in the embedded arena.  The Melbourne area is rich in technology resources, which can be used to augment the internal Florida R&D capabilities as needed. This includes subcontractors, Printed Circuit Board houses, and preliminary regulatory test facilities.


Florida R&D’s project experience has encompassed both a wide variety of clients and projects.  We have worked with such well-known companies as HP, AT&T, National Semiconductor, Motorola, Intel, IBM, and Fujitsu.  Our involvement has spanned from initial product specification; to systems engineering, hardware design, software design, and manufacturing support.  A partial list of our project experience includes:

  • Firmware design, development, and support of 802.15.4 MAC layer interface for Intel embedded reference design.
  • Writing of several Product Requirement documents for Intel Proof of Concept marketing designs.
  • Various internal proprietary telephony designs for Intel/Dialogic as an in-house resource for 4 years.
  • System design using VxWorks BSP on an ARM processor with software implementation, and project lead for a 128 station proprietary “channel bank” telephony device.
  • Hardware designs including various TDM and statistical multiplexers, datacomm interface converters, and modem eliminators.
  • Hardware for a Fujitsu 10baseT 8-port LAN hub to be sold in Japanese market. Participation included development of a manufacturing package and direct support of the contract manufacturer.
  • Fax T.30 protocol and modem firmware for a HP OfficeJet 500 series MFP product. Also included design of prototype R144EFXL modem hardware for initial product development.
  • Telephony and fax firmware for the HP Officejet and Officejet LX multifunction peripherals. The telephony firmware included international capabilities for 14 different countries in North America,Europe, andAsia.
  • Fax T.30 protocol firmware on separate digital cellular base station products for two different Motorola divisions. Also consulted with third Motorola division on another T.30 implementation.
  • Firmware for a Dialogic VoiceView capable 4 port voice/data/fax board. Product was based on the RockwellR144EFXL modem chip.
  • Hardware design and firmware development for an IBM smartphone. The smartphone design incorporated a touch screen based interface using a full monochrome VGA display.
  • Firmware for an AT&T integrated fax/digital answering machine.
  • Hardware and firmware for the Fujitsu DBP AF310E ECM fax machine.
  • Tested various products for FCC Part 68, FCC Part 15, CISPR 22, EN60950, EMC, and LVD for the Union European (EU).
  • Consulted to a Hong Kong based cordless phone vendor on how to add CallerID to product.
  • Wrote IEEE 802.15.4 MAC transport interface to allow TIMAC to be accessed across a USB port.
  • Developed an inhouse product, a USB Telephone dialer which is available on an OEM basis.



Our development team has experience in a wide range of technology, primarily obtained through our core backgrounds in data communication product development.  A short list of our technological experience includes:

  • Embedded real-time system design, including both hardware and firmware.
  • TI cc2531, MicroChips PIC, ARM, 68xxx, x86, 80960, Z80, 8051, NS32FX164, AM160 hardware and firmware designs.
  • Extensive experience interfacing with modem cores from DSP based to Rockwell type chip sets.
  • Experience with C/C++, Assembler, bash, bash/expect, and various other utility/macro scripts.
  • Embedded HTML, CSS, Javascript, Apache, WordPress experience for user intefaces (example).
  • Linux, PXROS, PSoS, VxWorks, Windows, and DOS experience.
  • Orcad schematic capture/design and printed circuit board layout experience.
  • Familiar with numerous interface standards, including; TCP/IP, UDP, RTP, 802.15.4, V.35, RS232, RS530, RS422, RS449, X.21, X.11, V.24.
  • Proven ability to obtain FCC, UL and VDE regulatory certification.